Golden Square wins Siggraph Dailies 2013 with Plaid's 35 Summers

This year’s Siggraph Dailies has been won by UK electro-duo Plaid’s promo for their track ’35 Summers’. All the CG and VFX was created by Soho VFX house Golden Square, for Warp Records. Dailies is a signature Siggraph program that celebrates the craft of creating computer graphics. It focuses on exceptionally creative pieces, as well as the stories behind the work and how it was created.

Hypnotic and beautiful, the ’35 Summers’ promo was filmed underwater and features a Geisha girl in a graceful ballet-like tussle with an octopus. Her movements through the water shadow the octopus’ unpredictable and fluid motion, creating an extraordinary piece of choreography, enhanced by movements in the water and light refractions.

Directed by Urchin Productions’ Richie Burridge, the film speeds up and slows down, complementing the ambient, electronic wave of chimes on the Plaid track, and in sync with its wavering tempo.

Golden Square’s team added both 2D and CG elements that were composited to create a hyper-real environment for the Geisha to interact with the octopus. They used a mixture of real footage and CG effects to produce lifelike tentacles for the octopus, using Flame to add texture and enable them to appear to wrap around the Geisha.

Richie Burridge, Director at Urchin Productions, says: “The VFX shots were lovingly crafted and perfected by the team at Golden Square. The results are beyond jaw dropping, and the combination of live action and 3D within the octopus scenes were crucial to the end result. They excite every time they’re played.”

Edd Dawson-Taylor, Lead CG Artist on the project, who presented the piece at Siggraph, commented on the win: “What an unbelievable experience and against pretty tough competition. 1500 people in the room and 45 entries largely from Pixar and DreamWorks! I haven't quite got my head round it yet.... Very humbled and honoured.”

Phil Gillies, MD, Golden Square, added: “We have a mantra at Golden Square, that we only want to work on the very best music promos – and we knew as soon as the brief for ’35 Summers’ came in that it was something special. Huge congratulations to all the team on their win.”

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